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Truck Accidents Archives

Hours of service rules seek to prevent truck driver fatigue

The people who drive massive semi-trailers must always be fit to drive when they are behind the wheel. This includes taking steps to prevent truck driver fatigue. To this end, truck drivers are required to follow hours of service rules. It is important to understand the federal hours of service rules Berks County truck drivers are expected to follow.

Can a truck company be sued for a truck accident?

In Pennsylvania, when an individual's negligent act causes harm to another person, very often that other person will be able to sue the negligent individual for damages. In a truck accident, for example, an injured party may be able to sue a negligent truck driver. But what about other parties? What if the truck driver is affiliated with a truck company? Can the company be sued? Here we have a brief summary of a few of the legal rules governing whether a truck company can be sued in a truck accident.

The right approach for success in truck accident cases

Semi-trailer trucks are big, heavy vehicles, and they can leave a huge amount of destruction in their wake when they are involved in a crash. This means that people are both more likely to be injured in a tractor-trailer crash than a car crash and that the injuries are more likely to be severe.

Underride guards could save lives in truck accidents

When it comes to an accident between an 80,000-pound semi-truck and a standard automobile, it should come as no surprise to drivers in Pennsylvania that due to sheer physics and size disparity the standard automobile usually doesn't stand a chance. Oftentimes these types of accidents are fatal. So, motorists may wonder if there is any way that semi-trucks can be made safer, should an accident occur.

Why are truck accidents so destructive?

In past weeks, we've discussed numerous recent truck accidents that occurred in Pennsylvania and the serious consequences that often ensue. But, what do we mean by a "commercial truck?" Why can they cause so much destruction to other vehicles on the road? What remedies might a truck accident victim have?

Fiery chain reaction collision on I-81 in Pa. kills two

Anyone who has driven on Interstate highways in Pennsylvania has encountered a great number of fast-moving semi-trailer trucks. Occasionally, the drivers of these "big rigs" cannot able to control their vehicles, and the result can be a catastrophic truck crash. This unhappy scenario played out on May 25, 2017 on I-81 near the Frackville exit.

Deadly head-on crash creates many mysteries

Many people in Reading and Berks County expect every traffic accident to be explained in extreme detail by police or fire officials who viewed the scene. Unfortunately, police officers are rarely present when an accident occurs, and they must use forensic science to reconstruct the accident. A recent head-on crash in Exeter has left police investigators puzzled about the cause of the collision.

Accident reconstruction team needed in Route 222 crash

Traffic accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and witnesses may have faulty or vastly different recollections of what happened. Forensic investigators have developed the science of accident reconstruction to help them understand how and why accidents happen. A recent truck accident on Route 222 in Berks County will be the subject of such an investigation.

Truck accident results in arrest after driver flees scene

When they are out on the road, Pennsylvania motorists must be aware of large trucks. While these trucks are performing the vital service of transferring goods across the country and most drivers operate their vehicles safely and within the confines of the law, there is a constant risk of a truck accident. Smaller vehicles and their occupants can be severely injured and killed in a crash with a truck. Those who have been involved in a trucking accident should know what to do to protect their rights after it has happened. This is particularly true if it is a hit-and-run.

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