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Wrongful Death Archives

Demi Moore faces wrongful death suit over swimming pool drowning

No one in Reading would be surprised to learn that movie star Demi Moore has a swimming pool at her home in Los Angeles. The most recent news about Moore and the pool might, however, shock a lot of people. The actress has been sued in a wrongful death action claiming that her pool caused the drowning death of a young man while she was out of town.

Accidental electrocution leads to wrongful death lawsuit

The accidental death of a Lancaster County man in October 2016 is the basis for a wrongful death suit filed by the man's widow last week. The man was working on the construction of an addition to the East Penn Manufacturing Co. battery manufacturing plant near Lyons when suffered the fatal workplace accident.

Understanding wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania

Most people in Pennsylvania understand that a person who suffers an injury caused by another person's negligence has a claim for damages against that person. But what about a person who dies as the result of another person's negligence? Can a dead person sue for damages? What about survivors' claims for financial support? In 1976, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a statute that created a special claim for damages caused by a death that was caused by the wrongful act of another, i.e., a "wrongful death."

Nursing home sued for error in reading patient's DNR health order

One of the most important documents an elderly person in Pennsylvania can have is a health care directive. Among other purposes, such documents provide instruction to health care provides about steps to be provided in a medical crisis which prevents the person from making a decision about medical care.

Laundry service is likely source of deadly mold outbreak

Hospitals utilize many complex machines in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and a defect or malfunction in any one of them could cause death or serious medical complications. The bedding used by hospitals is usually taken for granted; it will be clean and comfortable and will be changed on a daily basis or at the patient's request. Recently, however, e-mails obtained by a CNN affiliate in Pittsburghpoint to hospital bedding as the likely cause of six deaths in Pittsburgh hospitals since 2014.

Food blamed in two wrongful death lawsuits

Most people in Pennsylvania would agree that food is supposed to keep people alive, not kill them. Unfortunately, food allergies and bacteria can convert commonplace foods, such as cheese and doughnuts, into lethal substances. Two recent wrongful death lawsuits demonstrate the ways in which many lives can be threatened by unsafe food.

Lifeguard and hotel sued for negligence in drowning death

Cell phones have become something of a universal villain in traffic accidents and similar incidents where the omniscient devices are blamed for distracting a person who should have been paying attention. Now, a lifeguard's use of a cell phone is blamed for a wrongful death at a DoubleTree Hotel.

Statute of limitations for starting a wrongful death lawsuit

Unfortunately one fact of life in Pennsylvania is that at some point in time everyone will pass away. However, there are many different ways that will happen. Some people live very long lives and live past 100 before passing away. Many others die suddenly in fatal accidents at young ages. Losing a loved one is always difficult, but it can be especially difficult when the family and friends of the victim had no time to prepare for the death.

Industrial lift blamed in worker death

Industrial lifts, or "cherry pickers" as they are frequently called, are a common sight in Berks County. These ubiquitous devices, consisting of two hinged arms and a bucket to hold the worker, are used for many different jobs that require workers to perform tasks far over their heads. A common use for industrial lifts is trimming and felling trees. A wrongful death lawsuit recently filed in Philadelphia is going to hinge on whether a defect in an industrial lift was responsible for killing one of the workers who was using the device.

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