For some people, parking lots are just a place where they leave their car in between errands or during work. However, they can be dangerous.

I n Pennsylvania, the most grievous injuries that some people face are suffered in a place that does not get a lot of attention: parking lots. For quite a few people, parking lots are neither here nor there. They are simply a place to store vehicles while their drivers work, shop, watch a movie or eat at a restaurant. This lack of attention is one reason they can be so dangerous, and here is a look at their risks.

Hidden cars, bicyclists and pedestrians

When someone is a pedestrian in a parking lot, they may assume that the driver in the car backing up has seen them. This is not always the case. Furthermore, many pedestrians are children and prone to quick, surprise movements. They are also harder for drivers to see and are more easily concealed behind shopping carts and the like.

The lack of official walkways and bicycle paths in parking lots also adds to the confusion. Thus, parking lots are a space where it can be a free-for-all for people in cars, on foot and on a bicycle. When it is early in the morning or late at night, visibility is even more compromised. The same idea applies for rainy, foggy or snowy conditions.

Unfortunately, some drivers in parking lots fail to use their rearview mirrors and other safety tools and end up causing injuries.

Other people

The presence of danger in the form of other people can be especially prevalent for women. For example, a woman shopping alone at night and venturing out into a mostly deserted parking lot may feel at increased risk of being mugged or assaulted. This is why some businesses/colleges have security guards that escort employees and students to their cars at the end of the day.

Parking in an area that stays busy and well-lit can help but is not always a foolproof solution. In addition, drivers should take care to keep any valuables in the car out of eyesight.

Pavement issues

Then there are maintenance issues such as potholes, uneven pavement, uneven stairs or snow/ice that has been allowed to linger excessively long. These and other factors can lead to a pedestrian experiencing a serious slip-and-fall incident.

A business can also be negligent in its parking lot duties by failing to install speed bumps, thus contributing to cars driving too fast in the lot. A lack of signage such as stop signs or yield signs may also contribute to chaos and injuries. So can a lack of lighting, whether inadequate or burnt-out/broken lights that have yet to be replaced.

When someone has been injured in a Pennsylvania parking lot, it is possible that more than one party may be at fault. Whatever the case, recovering compensation for an injury can be a prolonged process and one that an attorney might be able to assist with.