Cromnibus funding legislation includes provision reducing trucking regulation. Transportation Secretary notes the provision could decrease the safety of the nation's roadways.

The "cromnibus" funding legislation recently passed by Congress includes a provision that reduces trucker regulations. More specifically, the bill removes a requirement that truckers take a break from driving their vehicles between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. and a limit on the number of times truckers are allowed to declare the start of a new workday.

Those in favor of the provision are careful to clarify that truck drivers are still limited to putting in 70 work hours in one week. The trucking industry has also supported the provision, arguing that the required break time in the middle of the night has translated to an increased number of semi trucks on highways during rush hour. According to Sen. Collins (R-Maine) this has "led to unintended and unanticipated consequences that are not in the best interest of public safety, truck drivers, or the businesses and consumers who depend on their service." The statement was made to a reporter from The Hill, a publication focusing on the happenings within U.S. Congress. On the other side of the issue, The Hill also reports Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx issued a "strong objection" to the provision, noting it would decrease the safety of the nation's roadways by potentially increasing the presence of tired truckers.

Common causes of truck accidents

The impact of this provision remains to be seen. However, truck accidents can result from a variety of situations, including the presence of a drowsy truck driver. Truckers may take to the roads instead of getting adequate rest in an effort to meet unrealistic schedules set by trucking companies.

Truck accidents can also result from inadequate training. Training can help decrease the risk of an accident by providing truck drivers with proper experience and knowledge needed to operate these vehicles.

Remedies available for victims of truck accidents

Regardless of the factors that contribute to truck crashes, one thing is clear: truck accidents can be catastrophic. Due to simple physics, crashes between a passenger car and semi-truck often lead to serious injuries.

Those who are injured in truck accidents that are the result of a violation of federal regulations or state laws are likely eligible to receive compensation. These funds can help cover the cost of lost wages, rehabilitative expenses and medical bills. Unfortunately, navigating through a truck accident claim can be a complex and arduous process. As a result, victims are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced truck accident lawyer. This legal professional will review the details of your case and work to better ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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