Workplace safety tips for Pennsylvania factories

Factory workers should know how to create a safe and secure work environment to prevent unnecessary injuries and illness.

While all workplaces can be dangerous, factory and manufacturing work environments scattered throughout Pennsylvania can be especially hazardous. For that reason, employees need to be well-aware of steps they can take to stay safe while on the clock to avoid unnecessary injuries and the possibility of being involved in a workers' compensation case.

Promptly clean up spilled liquids

Anytime there is a spill in the workplace, it should be cleaned up or marked promptly. One of the most common types of work accidents in the United States is slip-and-fall, resulting in more than seven million people winding up in the emergency room. Additionally, employers should take steps to make sure they have the right type of flooring for their work environment, as some are better able to withstand common factory conditions.

Help maintain workplace equipment

Just as maintaining a car or an appliance goes a long way in helping it operate functionally and last as long as possible, the same is true of factory equipment. Employees should do their part to help maintain equipment, not only to prevent injury, but also to make their jobs easier through the use of well-maintained equipment.

Keep supervisors in the loop

When employees see something they even suspect might be a safety hazard, it is best that they inform a supervisor or manager. If possible, the hazard in question should be removed so that it does not harm someone. Supervisors will then decide what, if any, action to take.

Take care of fire hazards

There are common combustible materials to be found in a factory setting, and it takes a team effort to keep hazards to a minimum. Any waste or material that might catch fire or explode should be properly stored or contained according to the latest OSHA standards. Something else to think about is that some materials and chemicals might have to be kept separate, such as flammable materials and sources of ignition.

Ensure there is proper ventilation

Harmful chemicals and materials can give off harmful fumes, which means that factories need proper ventilation to prevent employees from suffering from respiratory problems and occupational diseases. Some airborne contaminants are known to linger over time and become more dangerous to anyone who might breathe them in.

Wear all necessary safety equipment

Employees should be thoroughly trained in their jobs so they know what safety equipment to use and what precautions to take while carrying out their duties. Masks, goggles, gloves and the like can keep employees safe and free from harm.

While these safety tips can go a long way for Pennsylvania factory employees, there are no guarantees. Anyone who suffers from a workplace injury is better off speaking with an attorney to explore her or his legal options.