Business partners often launch a company with similar goals and a shared vision, only to discover later that there are aspects of running a company that they disagree about. Partnership disputes may be minor speed bumps or major differences that could lead to the dissolution of a company. Either way, it is important to address them early and with assistance from an experienced partnership disputes lawyer.

The attorneys at Leisawitz Heller in Wyomissing represent clients in Greater Reading in a wide range of partnership and shareholder disputes. Our firm has served businesses across southeastern Pennsylvania for more than five decades. Our attorneys understand the importance of resolving business disputes in a timely fashion in order to allow the company's leaders to focus on the business and put the distractions of a legal battle behind them.

Business partners can save themselves headaches and a significant amount of money by using business formation lawyers who will develop detailed agreements when the company is launched.

We resolve many partnership disputes without the need to litigate, saving everyone involved time and money. Unfortunately, some cases cannot be resolved through negotiation, mediation or other alternative measures. In these instances, we provide assertive and detail-oriented commercial litigation representation.

We Have Deep Resources To Support Your Case

A number of disputes between partners stem from disagreements around financial matters, including breach of fiduciary responsibilities, misappropriation of funds or disagreements regarding buying out a partner's share of the business. Our firm's highly regarded tax lawyers and estate planning attorneys often provide insights that bring clarity and help resolve partnership disputes.

In addition, we work closely with forensic accountants, real estate valuation specialists and other financial professionals who support our clients' causes.

Don't let a partnership dispute boil beneath the surface until it erupts and completely disrupts your business. Call or email our partnership dispute attorneys to schedule a consultation. We offer flexible payment plans and reasonable rates.