We Help Businesses And Individuals Safeguard Their Intellectual Property

Innovation occurs at a dizzying pace across every fathomable industry. Much of it is driven by small companies and sole proprietors. While many business owners understand the importance of protecting their creations and their brand, they often don't know how to accomplish this.

The lawyers at Leisawitz Heller in Wyomissing help innovators protect themselves using federal copyright and trademark laws. We often assist businesses in conducting trademark searches to name a company or a product. We also register trademarks, determine copyrightable materials and help our clients protect all intellectual property, including website content.

When Do You Need Copyright Or Trademark Protections?

Knowing when you need to register a copyright or trademark first requires an understanding of what these two protections accomplish.

Copyright protects "original works of authorship," both published and unpublished. This includes literary, dramatic, musical and other artistic works, computer software and architecture. Copyright exists once a work is created. A work must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, however, in order to have the copyright on public record. Registering a copyright is important if one needs to pursue damages for copyright infringement.

A trademark, meanwhile, is "a word, name, symbol or device, which is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others." Trademarks are primarily used to prevent others from using a similar mark. A service mark is similar to a trademark except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product.

We help businesses and individuals in Greater Reading and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania ensure the security of their creative work and brand image, or defend against accusations of copyright or trademark infringement. If you have questions or you face copyright or trademark litigation, call or email our experienced team of copyright and trademark attorneys.