Severance agreements are typically offered when an employer terminates an employee or a group of employees. The severance agreement is designed to provide a financial cushion to the employee while he or she seeks new employment.

A severance agreement may also include language that protects the employer from legal claims — for example, a wrongful termination lawsuit — or places restrictions on the displaced employee, such as preventing the person from working for a direct competitor. For these reasons, it is important for both employers and employees to have an experienced employment law attorney review a severance agreement before it is signed.

Don't Sign On The Dotted Line Until You Know What It Says

The attorneys in the employment and labor practice group at Leisawitz Heller in Wyomissing negotiate, draft and review severance agreements for individuals and businesses throughout central and southeastern Pennsylvania. These legal documents can be as complex as employment contracts themselves. For workers, agreeing to terms that they do not fully understand may lock them into a noncompete situation that threatens their financial future or precludes them from pursuing a legal claim that is far more valuable than the severance agreement itself.

Even if both sides are parting on good terms, it is smart to have one of our knowledgeable lawyers review the severance agreement. We address every conceivable issue, including many that employers or employees fail to consider, such as:

  • Requests to extend medical benefits
  • Removing or rewording restrictive covenants
  • Putting key oral agreements that are in place into the severance contract
  • Ensuring that unpaid vacation time and expenses are included
  • Clarifying any restrictions on future use of proprietary information or intellectual property
  • Clarifying or rewording agreements addressing employee cooperation with any future legal proceedings or investigations

Protect Yourself ◊ Plan For Your Future

Letting an employee go or losing a job is difficult enough. Make sure that you do not complicate matters by creating a severance agreement that puts you in an even tighter spot. Use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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