As baby boomers and their parents age, many become concerned about the bite that estate and inheritance taxes can take out of the assets that get passed from one generation to another. The experienced estate planning attorneys at Leisawitz Heller in Wyomissing help individuals and families in Greater Reading and across southeastern Pennsylvania protect their assets and pass more to their children, grandchildren or other beneficiaries through knowledgeable tax planning.

We work with a wide range of clients, including business owners, doctors, lawyers, senior executives and other professionals who must be aware of tax thresholds and potential tax consequences. We look for every opportunity to protect our clients' assets from state and federal taxes through the creative use of trusts, gifting and other estate planning strategies. Our business law group helps entrepreneurs with tax planning when they start a business.

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Our estate planning attorneys have nearly 100 years of cumulative experience. That collective knowledge goes to work for each of our clients as a result of our team's collaborative approach.

Farmland and family-owned businesses are exempt from the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax under certain circumstances. Our attorneys help families preserve their wealth and pass more of it from one generation to the next. Call 610-816-0342 to schedule a consultation.

The Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax impacts far more families than the federal estate tax. The exemption for the federal estate tax in 2015 is $5.43 million and will be adjusted for inflation in future years. The Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax, on the other hand, is imposed on all assets inherited by a party other than a spouse or a parent or stepparent who inherits assets from a child who is 21 years old or younger.

For all others, the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax is based on the relationship of the heir to the decedent and imposed as a percentage of the estate's value.

  • An heir who is a direct descendant will pay a 4.5 percent tax on the total amount they inherit. This group includes children and grandchildren, step-descendants, parents and grandparents, the spouse of a child if he or she has not remarried.
  • Siblings who are related by blood or adoption, including half-brothers and half-sisters, will pay a 12 percent inheritance tax.
  • All others who inherit assets will pay an inheritance tax of 15 percent.

We also have extensive experience assisting individuals and families and other entities that elect to make large charitable gifts to schools, churches, community foundations and other nonprofit organizations.

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