When you or a loved one enters a nursing home, it is typically a difficult and emotional time. Unfortunately, the admissions process does nothing to alleviate that stress. The nursing home admissions process can be lengthy and complicated, and involve a significant amount of paperwork. It can be difficult to make sense of all the forms and necessary processes without the aid of an experienced elder law attorney. At Leisawitz Heller, our attorneys can guide you through this process and make sure you understand the limits and ramifications of the documents you will be required to sign.

What The Paperwork Means

When you go through the paperwork necessary for nursing home admission, you will have to provide certain information like a medical history and orders from a physician stating the need for care. You will also sign off on other documents related to certain state-mandated information related to nursing home care.

Furthermore, the nursing home will need information about your financial situation. You will need to supply information that will be used to assess your eligibility for Medicaid or Medicare and other government benefits. In many cases, the Medicaid application process begins during the nursing home admission process. Some nursing homes will offer to assist with the Medicaid application. However, this can prove very costly because valuable planning opportunities that help protect you but don't protect the nursing home will be overlooked. One of our lawyers can help you navigate the paperwork to make sure your application is complete, that you understand everything you're signing, and that the process doesn't get delayed.

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