In a recent article published in the Reading Eagle newspaper, Ken Millman was recognized for his involvement with the Berks County Bar Association to educate Berks County voters about the new voter identification law. Millman is chairman of the bar association's task force on voter identification.

With the help of attorneys like Millman, there will be an emphasis on helping voters figure out how to get the documentation needed to get acceptable photo identification. That includes acquiring birth certificates, even for residents who were born outside of the state. No one who receives help will be charged for legal services, states Millman.

"This isn't a voter registration drive," Millman said. "We just don't want to see anyone prohibited from voting because they can't get identification. We're just trying to help people comply with the law."

The new law requires voters to present current photo identification that contains an expiration date. This may be a concerning issue for people in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities who do not have a valid driver's license or any other means of proper identification. Therefore, professionals, such as attorney Millman, must be prepared to educate the community to ensure an accurate electoral process will be in full effect.

If you or some you know needs help obtaining proper voter identification, please contact Ken Millman at 610.816.0342 or [email protected].

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