You work a lifetime to build financial security, but a stay in a nursing home can wipe out your savings almost overnight. But what's worse is paying for substandard care. The personal injury and elder law attorneys at Leisawitz Heller work together to hold nursing homes accountable for negligent care.

A Terrible Breach Of Trust

We all know the criticisms of nursing homes – outrageous bills, understaffing, and poorly trained employees. And when patients develop bed sores, lie for hours in their own waste, or sit around a nurses' station all day, it's hard to argue with the disparagement. Even with family and friends actively advocating for better care, nursing home residents can suffer horrific injuries when nursing homes fail in the fundamental responsibility to provide compassionate attentive care.

The Experience To Help You Take Action

The lawyers at Leisawitz Heller know how to hold nursing homes accountable. We know the value of dignity. We understand that older adults have value and deserve to be treated well. And when nursing homes forget these things, we're there to remind them and hold them accountable for the harm they cause.

With nearly 100 years of combined experience representing families in Reading and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, our personal injury attorneys know the courtroom. We have handled countless personal injury cases resulting in million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. As always, our consultation is free, and there are absolutely no fees or expenses unless we recover money for you.

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