As the victim of a negligent driver, you have the right to claim compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. But that compensation does not come automatically, particularly in cases involving whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. Insurance companies may resist paying fair compensation or delay settling a claim. Meanwhile, the accident victim's medical bills continue to accumulate. You may need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

At Leisawitz Heller, our lawyers have been representing victims of motor vehicle accidents in Eastern Pennsylvania for decades. Having handled numerous cases involving rear-end accidents, we know how to investigate these collisions, document financial losses and suffering, and obtain results for our clients. Aggressive in settlement negotiations and at trial, Leisawitz Heller will work hard to obtain full compensation for you.

Compensation For Whiplash Victims

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries caused by rear-end collisions. Though the pain of whiplash is all too real, insurance companies often deny such claims by asserting that there is no medical evidence to indicate the presence of an injury.

Leisawitz Heller provides vigorous representation for victims of whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. We understand how to collect the medical evidence that supports our clients' claims and how to use that evidence and other data to convince insurance companies to provide fair compensation. Our Reading rear-end collision attorneys will work diligently to obtain the best possible result for you.

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