If you've ever embarked on a day of fun in Pennsylvania on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a snowmobile, a dirt bike or another kind of recreational vehicle, but ended the day in a hospital, you understand well the pain and frustration of being injured, having medical bills you never counted on, and potentially missing work. This situation can be even more frustrating if someone else's negligence was responsible for your accident. Just because a vehicle is built for fun doesn't mean it can't cause injury. One of our experienced personal injury lawyers at Leisawitz Heller can listen to what happened to you and determine if you might have a viable legal case.

Injuries Suffered On A Recreational Vehicle Can Be Severe

As with accidents in other motor vehicles, because of the weight and speed of certain recreational vehicles, the potential for serious injury can be significant. A person thrown from a snowmobile or ATV can suffer head trauma, even if wearing a helmet. A vehicle can roll over onto a rider and cause fractures or other crush injuries. The force involved in these kinds of accidents can cause back and neck injuries or even paralysis. These injuries can require long-term or lifelong medical care. If you didn't cause your accident you shouldn't have to pay. At Leisawitz Heller, we can investigate your accident to determine if there was a negligent party who is liable to provide compensation.

Who Might Be At Fault?

An injury suffered on a recreational vehicle is not always the fault of the operator. The manufacturer of a defective vehicle, for example, could be at fault. If the accident happened on unsafe property, the property owner could be liable. The driver of another vehicle may have been inattentive or otherwise negligent, and could have caused the accident. Our firm makes sure that you don't suffer financial harm after your physical injury by holding negligent parties responsible for your compensation.

Find Out How We Can Help

Getting injured on a recreational vehicle is the opposite of fun. But you can potentially limit the financial consequences of such an accident by contacting our Reading firm, Leisawitz Heller, to find out if you have a case. To schedule your free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney experienced with recreational vehicle accidents, call us today at 610-816-0342 or contact us online to get more information.