Unfortunately, we now live in an age where texting and driving is becoming a serious driving hazard for others on the road. Some studies have shown that a driver texting while driving is just as, if not more, dangerous on the road than a driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even a split second of looking down can cause serious accidents and, in many cases, fatalities.

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Illegal Act In Pennsylvania: Texting While Driving

The issue of distracted driving in Pennsylvania has become such an issue that state legislatures recently passed a law prohibiting texting and driving. The use of an electronic device (including cellphones, smartphones, etc.) for the purpose of sending, reading or writing a text message while operating a motor vehicle is illegal.

What this means is if a driver chooses to read a text, write a text or send a text on his or her cellphone, he or she could be cited by law enforcement. If you believe your car accident was caused by a driver committing such an illegal and highly dangerous act, speak to our law firm in Reading, Pennsylvania, as soon as possible.

Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers has extensive experience with distracted driving-related cases. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your texting while driving accident, weeding through all the facts, medical records, driving records and even cellphone records to prove the negligence of the other party. In doing so, we work hard to seek full and fair compensation on your behalf.

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