The attorneys at Leisawitz Heller have won numerous verdicts and settlements and awards for victims and their families. Below are a small amount of recent cases that were won by our personal injury lawyers. We do not disclose our clients' names or details about their case due to confidentiality reasons.

The results noted below are a sampling of our success for clients. Each case was based solely upon the facts of that particular case. We cannot claim that every case has similar potential compensation for our clients because each case must be evaluated upon the facts unique to that case; however, we have the experience and reputation of handling cases of all sizes including those with significant settlement or verdict potential as evidenced in our results.

Case Type:Recovery:
Motor Vehicle Accident$3 million
Motor Vehicle Accident$2.9 million
Motor Vehicle Accident$1.5 million
Motor Vehicle Accident$1.5 million
Motor Vehicle Accident$1.4 million
Motor Vehicle Accident$975,000
Motor Vehicle Accident$900,000
Motor Vehicle Accident$500,000
Motor Vehicle Accident$850,000
Motorcycle Accident$509,500
Real Estate Damages$650,000
Stock Fraud$1.6 million
Pool Accident$522,000
Medical Malpractice$500,000
Medical Malpractice$850,000
Premises Liability-Slip & Fall$500,000
Products Liability-Industrial Accident$425,000
Product Liability


Wrongful Death

$46 million

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