A slip-and-fall injury on a staircase can leave you reeling with injuries that require serious or long-term medical intervention, like a bone fracture, back injury or head trauma. In some circumstances, negligence on the part of a property owner may be to blame for such an accident, and that person may be liable for costs related to your injuries. The knowledgeable premises liability attorneys at Leisawitz Heller can determine if negligence may have played a role in your accident.

Hidden Dangers Of Stairways And Railings

Dangers on a staircase aren't always as obvious as a broken stair or a sagging or missing railing. Worn-down carpet on stairs can be slippery. Uneven or oddly spaced stairs can make tripping more likely. Even an intact handrail can be a hazard if it's built at the wrong height. Stairs that are coated in ice can be treacherous. Slipping or tripping on a staircase is particularly dangerous because of the risk of further losing one's footing on the uneven surface.

Property Owners Have A Duty To Maintain Safety

Sometimes accidents are just accidents, and no one in particular can be blamed. But when a dangerous condition exists on a property that the owner should have known about, and that owner failed to take action to remedy the issue, a person rightfully on the property who is injured as a result of that dangerous condition can seek compensation from the negligent property owner. If the injured person was partially to blame for the accident, this could reduce any potential settlement amount according to the degree of comparative fault, but the property owner would still be held liable for the balance of the settlement.

Find Out If You Have A Case

The best way to determine if you might be able to secure compensation for injuries sustained in an accident on dangerous property is to speak with a premises liability lawyer. Call our Reading office to schedule your free initial consultation. You can reach us by calling 610-816-0342 or by using our email form to get in touch.