Unsafe products result in injuries and death for thousands of people every year. Manufacturers bear the responsibility to produce safe products, and when they fail to do so, they face product liability lawsuits. Product liability lawsuits usually arise from a malfunctioning part in a piece of equipment or the failure to warn consumers about the dangers of a product. These cases can arise at work or around the home. Each one requires thorough investigation and careful analysis.

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If you've been injured while using a product or you've been injured because a product failed to work properly, you might have a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the product. If your injury occurred in the workplace, and you are receiving worker's compensation, it may still be possible to take action against a negligent manufacturer.

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Whether your injury is relatively minor or very severe, it is important to hold negligent manufactures accountable and ensure that they understand the impact of their actions. If your injuries are life-altering, receiving compensation is also crucial to securing your future. When you visit us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys, we'll tell you honestly whether you have a case, and help you understand your options. We will investigate thoroughly to build a strong case on your behalf, and work hard to win you the maximum possible compensation.

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