What Should You Do If You Are Injured Or Become Ill On The Job?

Q: What is Workers' compensation?

A: Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Act protects employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Work-loss benefits are paid directly to the injured employee until she returns to full-time employment.

Q: If I'm injured, when should I report my injury or illness?

A: Report the injury or illness to a supervisor as soon as possible. The law has strict time limitations for giving notice to an employer.

Q: What will my employer do?

A: Your employer should document your injury. Make sure they do so accurately.

Q: What do I do about medical treatment?

A: Often an employer will have a list of medical providers of whom the employee must use within the first 90 days after an injury. Thereafter, you can select your own doctors for your care.

Q: What does workers' compensation cover?

A: Workers Compensation covers wage losses and all medical and pharmacy bills arising from the injury. In some cases it can pay additional money for permanent injuries and disfigurement like the loss of a limb. However, employers and Workers' Compensation insurance companies are not always looking out for the best interests of their injured or ill workers. Sometimes employers deny claims or neglect to provide proper compensation for medical care. Therefore, it's critical that workers get help handling their claims.

Q: How can I assure that my claim is handled properly?

A: Due to the complications of Workers' Compensation cases, it is important to hire an attorney immediately after an incident. An experienced attorney will help you get the compensation and medical assistance you need to make a full recovery.