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What support can you get after a work accident?

The aftermath of a work accident can be complex. One minute you are doing your job, and the next you may have injuries that keep you from going back to work for an extended period of time. It can be confusing and overwhelming for Pennsylvania workers, and it is in your interests to learn how you can protect your rights if you suffer injuries at work or get sick because of your job.

One of the most helpful steps a worker can take to protect his or her rights is to seek an understanding of how workers' compensation works. You have the right to certain types of support and benefits in case you are hurt at work, and it is useful to know what to expect from your claim. You do not have to walk through the aftermath of your work accident alone.

Is there a distracted driver sharing your Pennsylvania roadway?

If someone were to ask you what the person next to you is thinking, you might be able to take a good guess but would have no way of knowing for sure. Similarly, when you are driving on Pennsylvania roads, you may recognize signs of potential problems but can never be 100 percent certain what another driver is thinking at any given moment.

Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths in this state and others every year. You may experience a situation where you narrowly escape collision because you notice a car weaving in its lane, so you safely create distance between your vehicle and that one. That's not always possible, however, and if another driver is distracted, you may wind up being the one to suffer.

Overexertion is a common cause of workplace injuries

Being a hard worker is one thing, and completely overworking your body is something entirely different. Overexertion causes a surprisingly high number of workplace injuries, and you could be at risk even if you think your job is not too physically demanding. 

If your boss does not provide adequate safety training, proper breaks or necessary equipment, you could be looking at an injury in your future. If you have already suffered an overexertion injury then you understand just how problematic this issue is. 

Respect and courtesy might limit Amish buggy vs. auto accidents

Most residents of Pennsylvania are familiar with sharing the roads with the horse-drawn buggies of the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish communities. However, out-of-state and international visitors to the Keystone State might be unsure about how to navigate around these vehicles safely. They have as much right to be there as any other road user, and the key might be to be courteous and respectful to fellow travelers, regardless of the mode of transport.

If you are a member of an Amish community, you or a loved one might have suffered the consequences of an accident in which an automobile or a big rig struck your buggy. The fact that occupants of carriages have no protection increases the chances of them suffering catastrophic injuries. Such accidents are prevalent because millions of tourists flock to the scenic Pennsylvania countryside every year, and safety authorities say records of the past decade show hundreds of auto vs. buggy accidents.

How misdiagnosis and worsened medical condition are connected

If you have your health, you have everything - or so they say. Not everyone is blessed with good or uncomplicated health issues. For those that do have health issues, the best medical care is not only expected, it's necessary. If a person received healthcare they believe to be inadequate, or even harmful, how does one proceed?

What matters is if a person has suffered injury due to insufficient medical care. This could manifest in many ways, but one way a person can be seriously injured due to faulty medical care is at the stage of diagnosis. A misdiagnosis can quickly lead to complications as the treatment received often doesn't address the medical condition correctly. This lost time can cause the person's health to worsen in a harmful way.

Did a slip-and-fall accident cause your aches and pains?

Have you recently been embarrassed for falling in a Pennsylvania grocery store? You might since have realized that you hurt much more than your pride. Slip-and-fall accidents can cause a variety of injuries that only become evident after one or more days. You might have noticed a restriction in your range of motion along with pain and discomfort in some areas of your body. These pains are your body's way of telling you to go for a medical examination.

Although there might be no reason for concern, slip-and-fall injuries could cause long-term health problems, and early diagnosis and prompt treatment could prevent such consequences. Whether your fall resulted from tripping over an object or slipping on a wet floor, the legal term for both is a slip-and-fall accident. However, although regarded the same legally, the types of injuries they cause are entirely different. If you slip, you would typically fall backward, while tripping over something will cause you to fall forward.

Loved one's fatal boating accident potentially compensable

With the passing of Labor Day, it's the unofficial end of summer. While summer may be nearly over, the events of this summer could affect the rest of a person's life. This is because every summer, Berks families and other Pennsylvania area families experience boating accidents. Some prove to be fatal.

A fatal boating accident could happen on rivers or lakes. It could happen out on the ocean. These incidents are often very sudden and unexpected and can cause a lot of trauma for the loved ones left behind. Oftentimes, loved ones aren't present at the scene of the fatal boat accident. Trying to get a grip on the events leading up to the accident can feel overwhelming and daunting.

How does one prove fault or liability after a car accident?

After a car accident with catastrophic injuries it's important to determine the details of what happened. In many instances, this means determining the actions that led up to the accident and who is responsible. It's possible that multiple parties could share fault for car accident injury, or a sole party could bear the brunt of it. So how does one begin this process of determining fault?

It's likely the process has already begun if car accident injuries resulted from the collision. This is because the authorities were likely called to the accident scene. In certain instances, a crash reconstruction will be performed by the authorities to help determine factors of the accident like speed, a timeline of events and it can even indicate fault. While the authorities are looking for evidence of criminal behaviors, any found can be helpful for those filing a personal injury suit.

Surgical complication in man's death, medical malpractice alleged

Acid reflux is a disease that is generally mild-to-moderate in its symptoms and treatment. However, since so many people struggle from this issue on a daily basis, there are many treatments available to remedy the symptoms. One newer treatment is a surgical in which a magnet is inserted in the digestion tract to prevent stomach acid from escaping the stomach and preventing acid reflux from happening. While this surgery has seen its fair share of success, it ended in tragedy for one Pennsylvania man suffering from acid reflux.

Truck accidents due to truck driver negligence can happen

Commercial trucks are everywhere on Berks roads. They have a job to do and they do it, hauling stuff from place to place. The question is whether or not a truck driver is able to do their job well. An inability to do their job could result in serious injuries or death for others on the road.

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