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What types of errors could cause patient harm in a hospital?

When you go to the hospital, you probably assume that you will receive quality care and support from the people who are taking care of you. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Sometimes, mistakes can happen in hospitals because of various types of negligence or recklessness. Patients can suffer serious harm because of one simple error.

Safety and procedures are incredibly important in any Pennsylvania hospital. When there is a lack of safety protocols, untrained staff, overworked care providers and simple human error in play, innocent patients can pay the price with their help. If you suspect that a medical error of some kind led to your continued suffering or the worsening of your condition, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

The various threats posed by hazardous chemicals

Hazardous chemicals pose risks in just about every workplace in Pennsylvania, and even substances used for cleaning can be toxic. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires your employer to inform you of all the potential hazards of your job, safety training about the dangers posed by chemicals is often neglected. It might be up to you to learn how to prevent toxic chemicals from entering your body.

There are strict regulations about the safe storage of dangerous chemicals, the labeling requirements and the availability of safety datasheets. The way in which you come into contact and also the amount and type of chemical will determine the level of the risk.

Distracted driving and holiday travel can be a deadly combination

Distracted driving can have deadly consequences. When a person is not looking at the road but is instead is looking at his or her phone, it significantly increases the chance that he or she will cause a car accident. An inattentive driver is negligent and reckless, and he or she is needlessly endangering everyone else on the road.

Distracted drivers are a big safely concern, especially during the holiday season. During the last months of the year, there are more people on the road than at other times. With an increased number of motorists sharing the same roads and interstates at the same time, even one instance of distracted driving can have serious or fatal consequences. Despite safety warnings and a general awareness of the dangers of distraction, people still make the choices to engage in this dangerous behavior all the time.

Older drivers are susceptible to distracted driving, too

When you think about distracted driving, you probably have the mental picture of a young person driving down the road with his or her cell phone in hand. Young people do have a reputation for being more likely to engage in reckless actions, but they may not be the most dangerous drivers on the road. There are studies that revealed that older people may actually be more prone to distraction than younger drivers.

There are many reasons why this may be the case. For example, there are more things than ever before that are capable of causing distraction. Hands-free technology can also give a false sense of security, as a driver may have both hands on the wheel but still be cognitively distracted

Misdiagnosis continues to rank high among malpractice claims

Whether you are the kind of person who seeks a medical opinion as soon as you sense something is wrong, or you prefer to monitor your symptoms, try home remedies and go to the doctor as a last resort, you may expect to obtain educated and sound advice from a medical professional. If your symptoms are serious or worrisome, you may feel there is more at stake.

Unfortunately, if your symptoms do not point to an easy diagnosis, you may find yourself suffering needlessly, taking unnecessary or destructive medication, or undergoing ill-advised procedures. In fact, over one third of all medical malpractice cases stem from a wrong diagnosis, and 65% of those cases result in the death or disabling injury of the patient. If you or a loved one is the victim of a wrong diagnosis, you are likely exploring your legal options.

How impairment affects your ability to safely operate a vehicle

It may come as no secret that being involved in a major collision can be a traumatic experience. As you prepare to travel on Pennsylvania roads, you may choose to take every precaution to reduce the chances such an incident will occur, but you might not always be able to count on others to do the same.

As you may share the road with countless others each day, the potential of encountering a negligent driver is ever present. While there are a variety of circumstances in which the actions of another could place your health at risk, few scenarios may be as dangerous as finding yourself in the path of a drunk driver.

Research aims to prevent spinal cord damage after injury

A spinal cord injury is one of the most complex injuries an accident victim may suffer. The brain communicates to the rest of the body through the neurons in the spinal cord, and once those neurons suffer damage, you may lose many basic functions, such as walking, using your arms or even breathing.

Once the delicate neurons sustain damage, there is little doctors can do to reverse it. However, many spinal cord injuries do not occur the way you may think they do. If you imagine a break in the spine that also snaps the spinal cord within, you are only partially right. Many spinal cord injuries occur as a result of the body's own immune system response to the injury.

Is fatigue placing you at risk on the job?

You are no stranger to late nights. Whether you stay up binge-watching a TV series, trying to reach one more level on your favorite game or simply tossing in bed trying to relax, you pay for it the next day. No amount of coffee can compensate for those lost hours of sleep. While you may stay up late once in a while, many people never get enough sleep.

Did you notice a difference in your production during those shifts following a night of little sleep? Did you make more mistakes or have more close calls? You are not alone, and chances are that among your co-workers are some who perform their jobs while chronically fatigued. If you work construction, distribution or another industry that requires your undivided attention, someone's lack of sleep can place you in danger.

Is your landlord keeping the property safe for your kids?

Renting a home or apartment has its benefits and drawbacks. While you do not have financial responsibility for major repairs or renovations, you also do not have control over many circumstances on the property. In a multi-unit dwelling, you may deal with neighbors who are loud or inconsiderate. You may also be at the mercy of a landlord who is not always quick about taking care of important matters around the property.

If your landlord is not mindful of the fact that children live and play on the property, you may have concerns about safety. Children think differently than adults do, and where you see danger, they only see adventure. This is the basis of attractive nuisance laws.

On foot, what are your chances of arriving safely?

You may feel fortunate to live in an age where technology constantly allows for improved safety devices in vehicles. Airbags, automatic braking systems and advanced restraints increase the chances of surviving a motor vehicle accident and even escaping without serious injuries. However, the same cannot be said for pedestrians.

If you walk anywhere near traffic, even across the parking lot to the grocery store, you are at risk of an accident that may result in catastrophic injuries. In fact, studies show that the rate of pedestrian accidents has reached record numbers in recent years. Even more alarming is that more people are dying from their injuries. Analysts have their theories about how to change this trend, but it may come down to changing the behaviors of drivers.

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