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Pregnancy misdiagnosis leads to miscarriage, birth defects

For many young couples, learning that they are pregnant is a joyous occasion. Whether they had intended to start a family or not, there are many people in Reading who are ecstatic to know that in nine months they will be parents. Imagine the pain and anguish, however, to learn that what they believed to be a healthy pregnancy was actually an ectopic pregnancy, or a life-threatening pregnancy that is outside of the uterus. That sadness can really only be topped by learning that the ectopic diagnosis was false and that the treatment a patient underwent will cause miscarriage or birth injuries.

Human error causes an estimated 90 percent of car accidents

If science and technology continues to develop, driverless cars will be around in our lifetime. For some people, the thought of riding in a car that doesn't have a driver or doesn't have a driver that is doing anything to operate the car may be frightening, but scientists believe that fully automated cars will actually be far safer. With an estimated 90 percent of car accidents caused by distracted driving, cars that are operated by computers should be able to significantly reduce the number of crashes.

Motorcycle accident leaves woman with injuries to her leg

It is something that many people in Reading may not think about, but when a passenger is injured in an accident, he or she can file personal injuries against the driver if the driver's negligence caused the accident. Perhaps because most people only ride with their friends or their family members, there is nothing stopping passengers from holding their drivers accountable for poor driving.

Bus-truck collision leaves 1 dead, 44 injured in Pennsylvania

When vehicles are traveling at highway speeds, drivers may only have a matter of seconds to react to the behavior of other motorists. At the same time, the size of larger vehicles may prohibit drivers from being able to safely evade the erratic maneuvers of someone else on the road. This is why highway collisions involving large vehicles can have devastating consequences.

Passenger killed in Delaware Township car accident

Many people in Reading recognize that when someone causes an accident, the person that is injured can generally file a lawsuit. What about when it is a single-car accident? If the injured party was the passenger, there is little stopping him or her from filing a lawsuit against the driver if he or she was responsible for the crash. Moreover, if something else caused the accident, such as a pedestrian or a cyclist, they might also be held liable.

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