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Are doctors more worried about business than patients' health?

It is inaccurate to say that all doctors are more concerned with growing their business than they are with caring for patients, but a new report has found that many doctors say they will not tell their patients about other doctors' mistakes because physicians rely on each other for business. To think that a doctor will not report a medical error because it will damage his or her relationship with another doctor is hard take in, but it seems that many doctors will not point out another's mistakes.

Horrible motorcycle crash caused by driver crossing center line

It goes without saying that drivers in Berks County know they need to stay in their lanes. Not only can it be annoying for trailing motorists to be stuck behind a driver who is taking up two lanes, but it can also be extremely dangerous for drivers who cross into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately for four motorcyclists and the passenger of an SUV, one driver drifting into oncoming traffic cost them their lives. The accident happened last month in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, near the Maryland border.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

As parents we warn our children not to talk to strangers. Yet, child sexual abuse overwhelmingly occurs when a child is molested by someone he or she knows. The violator can be a family friend, a coach, a sibling or even a parent. As the International Day for Prevention of Child Abuse approaches on November 19th, which encompasses all types of child abuse, I feel I am obligated to share some insight on this issue as an attorney who has represented children who have been abused.

National study shows need for new approach to distracted driving

Everyone with a driver's license in Wyomissing knows that when they are behind the wheel, they need to pay attention to the road. It goes without saying that drivers need to avoid distractions as much as possible, yet more and more people are buying smartphones and trying to use them while they are driving. Although Pennsylvania bans all texting while driving, if the state's numbers are at all similar to the national average, the law doesn't seem to be working.

Wrong-way crash claims the life of a Pennsylvania man

Across the state in a small town approximately 40 miles from Pittsburgh, a western Pennsylvania man was killed in an apparent wrong-way crash. Sadly, there is not a tremendous amount of information surrounding the crash and police are currently waiting for lab results. It does appear, however, that the driver who was killed was hit by a 23-year-old driving in the wrong lane.

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