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What kinds of injuries are caused by car accidents?

Car accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania. These accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Whether the accident happens because someone is texting, drunk, or driving too fast, serious injuries are likely to occur when someone is involved in a car accident. But, what types of injuries are most common in car accidents?

There are many types of injuries that can occur because of the nature of car accidents. They often occur at great speeds and in a variety of hazardous conditions. In fact, car accidents are so dangerous that they were blamed for causing 1.6 million injuries in 2012 and an additional 30,000 fatal injuries.

One type of injury that can occur in a car accident is a head injury. These injuries may occur when a person's head hits something in the car, or by the simple act of the brain hitting the inside of the skull due to sudden deceleration. This can include the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. Head injuries can be very serious and lead to long term damage.

Another serious risk in automobile accidents are chest injuries. These occur because of the blunt force trauma that occurs in many serious car accidents. These injuries can include cardiac issues, broken ribs, internal bleeding and more.

Neck and back injuries can also occur in car accidents. These can range from the minor injuries to significant damage. Whiplash, paralysis and more can be caused by neck and back injuries.

No matter what type of injury is caused in a car accident, car accident victims should understand their legal rights. They need to understand that they may have the right to be compensated by a negligent driver. This compensation can include medical expenses and lost wages related to the accident. An attorney can give specific legal advice to people who have been injured in a car accident.

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