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September 2016 Archives

What out-of-service violations can lead to truck accidents?

There are state and federal trucking regulations that aim to promote safety on the roads. From how long truck drivers may drive before taking a rest break to speed regulations; truck drivers in Pennsylvania must comply with particular rules while operating their large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, however, not all truck drivers comply with existing regulations, which can ultimately lead to tractor-trailer crashes.

Water truck accident kills Pennsylvania man

Trucks in Pennsylvania serve a variety of important purposes. Large commercial trucks do many of the construction and maintenance projects throughout the state. Without these large vehicles, these projects will be much more difficult to complete. Commercial trucks are also responsible for carrying goods throughout the state and transporting natural resources, such as gasoline, to places that need it.

Move forward when a motorcycle accident causes injuries

Over the summer many people across the state of Pennsylvania enjoyed riding around on their motorcycles. The summer weather provides the perfect opportunity for getting on the open road and seeing the state. There are so many advantages for people who choose to ride motorcycles, that it is easy to see the appeal. They are cheaper to operate and can be very fun.

Winter motorcycle riding

For many Pennsylvania residents, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. As children head back to school and people wind down their vacations, the cool weather starts moving in. While winter may still be a few months away, many motorcyclists are continuing to enjoy the state's lovely roadways. In fact, motorcycle traffic may even increase as the beautiful fall colors appear. Before people know it, snowflakes will be flying.

When is a commercial driver's license required?

Commercial trucks are an important part of Pennsylvania's economy. They help provide cheap goods throughout the state and throughout the country. Without commercial trucks, it would be more difficult for people to get the goods and services that they are used to.

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