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February 2017 Archives

Number of fatalities in a car accident highest since 2007

Pennsylvanians should always be cautious when out on the road. Part of this goes beyond making certain to operate their vehicles based on the law, but also extends to keeping track of the potential dangers they will face. Research is ongoing to determine the cause of accidents as a means of understanding and preventing them. The National Safety Council has released preliminary data for 2016 and they show some disturbing trends.

What's 'premises liability' and how does it work in Pennsylvania?

While residents of Berks County, Pennsylvania, may have heard the term "premises liability" thrown around by attorneys and other people involved in the legal or insurance professions, they may not realize what exactly the term covers.

Fatal workplace accidents and Pennsylvania workers' compensation

A recent post on this blog described a tragedy at a Pennsylvania workplace. The story served as a stark reminder to Berks County residents that many people in this County, to some degree, put their lives at risk every time they go to work. Likewise, the families of the workers face the possibility of medical expenses, funeral bills and lost income should they lose a loved one suddenly in a fatal workplace accident.

Case links person who sent message to distracted driver lawsuit

Those in Berks and throughout Pennsylvania who spend any time on the road as a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian will know that there are others on the road who do not pay strict attention to what they are doing. The phenomenon of being a distracted driver was once limited to certain activities such as changing a radio station, eating or talking to a passenger. In today's world, with smartphones and the ability to multitask, there are an endless number of ways to be distracted. This is causing a great number of accidents. Seeking compensation after an accident due to a distracted driver is common. However, the circumstances under which this takes place are constantly changing. A new case exemplifies that.

Fatal car crash claims life of pedestrian in Berks County

Given the vulnerabilities of pedestrians, when there is a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, there can be serious injuries and it can become a fatal accident. Berks County residents must be aware on the road as pedestrians. Even if they are cognizant of traffic and adhering to all the traffic laws, that does not mean that a pedestrian-auto accident will not happen. For those who are hurt or lose a lose a loved one in a fatal accident, it is important to understand how to pursue compensation in a wrongful death legal filing.

We help people recover after distracted driving accidents

A previous post on this blog offered a thorough discussion on the reasons why people continue to drive while using their mobile phones to "text," surf the web, or do some other activity that can take their attention away from the task at hand-that of driving.

Study examines texting and driving behaviors

Drivers in Berks, throughout Pennsylvania and across the nation now not only have to be aware of the known dangers on the road, but other, previously nonexistent concerns as well. In addition to the drivers who do not adhere to the law, flout traffic signals and operate under the influence, the number of drivers who are behaving as a distracted driver is problematic. This goes beyond texting and driving and into the endless number of distractions with a mobile device.

How long can truckers travel before stopping to rest?

As a previous post on this blog discussed, truck driver fatigue is an all-too-common problem in Berks County, Pennsylvania, as well as throughout the rest of the state and even the country. Driving while fatigued is dangerous and can directly or indirectly contribute to a serious and devastating truck accident that leaves Pennsylvania residents permanently disabled, or even dead.

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