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SUV collides with farm machinery, injuring driver

Spring in eastern Pennsylvania has many tangible signs, including the song of birds, green grass and fields and the fall of rain. One of the least welcome of such signs is the increasing proliferation of farm machinery on local roads as farmers begin to plan their crops. Farm machinery may be designed to work well on rough, soft ground, but they do not travel as fast as general traffic on county roads. A recent car accident in Marion Township provides an unwelcome demonstration of this phenomenon.

Understanding wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania

Most people in Pennsylvania understand that a person who suffers an injury caused by another person's negligence has a claim for damages against that person. But what about a person who dies as the result of another person's negligence? Can a dead person sue for damages? What about survivors' claims for financial support? In 1976, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a statute that created a special claim for damages caused by a death that was caused by the wrongful act of another, i.e., a "wrongful death."

Court allows access to patient metadata in malpractice lawsuit

The advance of information technology has increased the complexity of medical practice litigation by adding several new categories of information that may be demanded during the discovery phase of the case. A recent case in Pennsylvania has pushed the boundaries once again as the trial court was asked to decide whether the plaintiff's attorneys in a medical malpractice case could gain access to the so-called metadata in their client's digital medical records.

Nursing home sued for error in reading patient's DNR health order

One of the most important documents an elderly person in Pennsylvania can have is a health care directive. Among other purposes, such documents provide instruction to health care provides about steps to be provided in a medical crisis which prevents the person from making a decision about medical care.

Laundry service is likely source of deadly mold outbreak

Hospitals utilize many complex machines in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and a defect or malfunction in any one of them could cause death or serious medical complications. The bedding used by hospitals is usually taken for granted; it will be clean and comfortable and will be changed on a daily basis or at the patient's request. Recently, however, e-mails obtained by a CNN affiliate in Pittsburghpoint to hospital bedding as the likely cause of six deaths in Pittsburgh hospitals since 2014.

I've slipped and fallen at a store: Did the store owner slip up?

Sometimes an otherwise normal trip to the grocery store or to a fast food restaurant can quickly turn into a trip to the emergency room due to a slip-and-fall accident. If you have slipped and fallen on a business owner's property in Pennsylvania, and if the business owner did not take the necessary precautions for correcting the issue that caused your accident, the owner may be held liable for your injuries resulting from the fall. You have the right to seek damages through the civil court system.

Pennsylvania appeals court reinstates medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice cases can involve complex questions of law and fact. Occasionally, one rule can affect the application of another. In a recent decision of the Pennsylvania Superior Court, a jury's finding in favor of the defendant doctor in a medical malpractice case was reversed because the trial court erroneously allowed the introduction of evidence about the risks of hysterectomies.

How is an automobile accident "reconstructed"?

Newspaper reports of car accidents in Berks County and elsewhere frequently close with the statement that the cause of the accident is either unknown or under investigation. A branch of forensic engineering called "accident reconstruction" has a number of tools to answer this question even after accident debris has been cleared away. This post will describe some of those tools and the methods used by forensic engineers in the science of crash reconstruction.

Deadly head-on crash creates many mysteries

Many people in Reading and Berks County expect every traffic accident to be explained in extreme detail by police or fire officials who viewed the scene. Unfortunately, police officers are rarely present when an accident occurs, and they must use forensic science to reconstruct the accident. A recent head-on crash in Exeter has left police investigators puzzled about the cause of the collision.

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