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What is comparative negligence in Pennsylvania?

Most people in Pennsylvania understand that a person is legally liable for an injury or death caused by his negligence, or failure to use due care. How does the law treat a case where more than one person is at fault? Before World War II, most state laws said that a person whose negligence, no matter how slight the degree of fault, contributed to the mishap, could not maintain a lawsuit for damages. In other words, a person who may have been only one percent at fault in a car accident was totally barred from seeking damages from a person who may have been 99 percent at fault.

School bus flips in hit-and-run accident in Lancaster County

School buses should be sanctuaries in which students can be safely transported between their homes and their schools. Unfortunately, school buses are subject to the same vagaries as other vehicles that use Pennsylvania's public roads and highways. In a recent accident in Lancaster County, a school bus was tipped on its side while involved in a hit-and-run accident, and two students have suffered serious injuries.

Appeals court upholds medical malpractice verdict

Medical malpractice comes in many forms: failure to diagnose a medical condition, improper treatment of an illness, surgical error and many others. Doctors in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are held to an exacting standard in treating patients: they must use the same degree of skill and care as other doctors in the specialty in diagnosing and treating patients. In a recent appellate court decision, the failure of a physician to diagnose the spread of cancer to the patient's brain was held by an appellate court to be a departure from the applicable standard of care.

Demi Moore faces wrongful death suit over swimming pool drowning

No one in Reading would be surprised to learn that movie star Demi Moore has a swimming pool at her home in Los Angeles. The most recent news about Moore and the pool might, however, shock a lot of people. The actress has been sued in a wrongful death action claiming that her pool caused the drowning death of a young man while she was out of town.

What is accident reconstruction?

A common phrase in media reports of vehicle collisions in Pennsylvania and elsewhere is the qualification that "the cause of the accident is under investigation." What exactly does this mean? Apart from interviewing eye witnesses, the most important investigative tool used by police and other agencies is accident reconstruction. Simply stated, truck and car accident reconstruction is an engineering process that attempts to recreate the sequence of events that led to the accident and that resulted from the collision of two or more vehicles.

Violent car crash kills 2 men in western Pennsylvania

Car accidents that produce fatalities usually involve one or more violent collisions. A recent accident in west central Pennsylvania began with an especially violent collision caused by a car running a red light. A large portion of one of the vehicles then hit another car. The descriptions of witnesses demonstrates how violent such a car accident can become.

Surgical nurses can face medical malpractice claims too

When you go to a Pennsylvania hospital for a surgical procedure, more than just the surgeon is in the operating suite. An anesthesiologist, surgical technicians and nurses more than likely assist with the procedure. Each member of the team has a specific role to play in your surgery. If even one person fails to perform a task properly, you could end up with serious or permanent injuries.

Accidental electrocution leads to wrongful death lawsuit

The accidental death of a Lancaster County man in October 2016 is the basis for a wrongful death suit filed by the man's widow last week. The man was working on the construction of an addition to the East Penn Manufacturing Co. battery manufacturing plant near Lyons when suffered the fatal workplace accident.

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