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What is the rule for the premises liability for local government?

"Premises liability" is the law that applies to cases in which a person sues another party due to an injury suffered on the other party's property. These cases are sometimes called "slip-and-fall cases," because dangerous conditions on another party's property often result in injuries when the injured party falls due to the dangerous condition.

Understanding the basics of a wrongful death action

The loss of a loved one is an event that never gets easier to process. No matter your age or the age of your loved one, this is a difficult time that can exude many emotions. This event can be further challenging if a loved ones was suddenly killed by the negligence of another. It can be difficult to accept that such carelessness could suddenly alter your life; however, surviving family members should understand that they have rights afforded to them following the wrongful death of a loved one.

Advocating for patients following diagnostic errors

When Pennsylvania residents fall ill or are seriously injured, they rely on medical professionals to diagnose and treat them. Additionally, patients trust that their doctors will catch any abnormalities or concerns during their course of treatment. While this is the situation in an ideal world, in reality, errors and mistakes can occur with the medical care of a patient. Because physicians, surgeons, nurses and medical staff are all humans, they are prone to human errors. And when such mistakes occur, a patient's health and wellbeing could be placed at risk.

Fault and liability in car accident claims

Berks County residents know that sometimes, among the parties to a car accident, one has to pay compensation to the other. This is because the law sometimes assigns liability to people involved in car accidents if they are proved to have been negligent. This is similar to many other cases of injury, such as slip-and-fall accidents. It is important for our readers to know about how fault and liability work in the case of car accidents.

The loss of a loved one by drowning may be legally actionable

Even though the end of summer is fast approaching, there should still be opportunities for Pennsylvania residents to spend time at swimming pools and other outdoor swimming facilities. Even when it isn't summer, indoor pools beckon those looking for exercise and recreation. Although it's unpleasant to think about, sometimes tragedies happen at swimming facilities. Our readers need to know about the legal remedies that may be available to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one by drowning.

Can a truck company be sued for a truck accident?

In Pennsylvania, when an individual's negligent act causes harm to another person, very often that other person will be able to sue the negligent individual for damages. In a truck accident, for example, an injured party may be able to sue a negligent truck driver. But what about other parties? What if the truck driver is affiliated with a truck company? Can the company be sued? Here we have a brief summary of a few of the legal rules governing whether a truck company can be sued in a truck accident.

Man says he suffered injuries after falling on church property

According to one man, his recent experience at a Pennsylvania church was anything but peaceful. His bad experience was the basis of a premises liability lawsuit that he filed against the diocese in which the church was located.

Were you a victim of a car vs. buggy crash in Amish country?

In certain rural areas of Pennsylvania, tight-knit communities of descendants of 18th-century immigrants continue to practice the Amish religion. They shun most modern technologies and live their lives without electric devices, automobiles and more. They travel on unadorned, black horse-drawn buggies. If you are a member of an Amish community, you will know that close encounters between buggy riders and other vehicles are not uncommon.

The right approach for success in truck accident cases

Semi-trailer trucks are big, heavy vehicles, and they can leave a huge amount of destruction in their wake when they are involved in a crash. This means that people are both more likely to be injured in a tractor-trailer crash than a car crash and that the injuries are more likely to be severe.

Damages may be obtainable after slip-and-fall accidents

Many personal injury cases stem from car and truck accidents. Given the speed and mass of the average vehicle, this is not surprising. Although car accidents are a steady source of personal injuries in Berks County, another source are so-called slip-and-fall accidents.

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