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Who bears liability after a truck accident?

Earlier on our Berks County legal blog, we summarized the events surrounding a recent multi-vehicle crash in which a Pennsylvania woman lost her life. One of the vehicles -- the one that hit her car from behind -- was a dump truck, or in other words, a commercial vehicle.

Dump truck accident claims life of Pennsylvania woman

It was recently reported that a Pennsylvania woman was among two victims of a fatal multi-vehicle crash involving a dump truck in a nearby state. We'll take a look this week on our Berks County legal blog at what happened, and what our readers should understand about the legal implications of a truck accident like this.

Don't let a negligent property owner's insurer push you around

Earlier, we examined an accident case from a neighboring state. The victim was walking outside of a commercial building when he fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered serious brain injuries. He was eventually provided with $750,000 in compensation as part of a settlement.

Victim gets $750,000 in settlement of premises liability suit

As the leaves change and the nights grow longer and cooler in Berks County, residents are beginning to prepare for the winter months. While many look forward to the holidays and winter sports, shoveling snow is something grudgingly accepted as a responsibility. But make no mistake, a responsibility it is -- especially for commercial property owners who need to keep their sidewalks and parking lots safe for their customers and other passersby.

When might hospitals be liable for medical malpractice?

When a medical emergency strikes, a person rushes to the hospital for aid. After all, some injuries or illnesses are so severe that they require immediate medical attention. The whole ordeal of going to the hospital can be overwhelming, especially when a person's life is at stake. However, even in non-life threatening situations, people in Pennsylvania depend on the expertise of hospital staff to fix the problem.

Recovering damages after a dog bite attack

Even though dogs are out best friend, it doesn't mean that all of them act that way all the time. All it takes is one bad encounter with an aggressive dog to put someone in a serious situation. Injuries from dog bites can range from minor to severe, but one thing is certain - you should receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Woman killed in 4-vehicle crash

Countless cars travel the roads of Pennsylvania each and every day. Thankfully, the vast majority of motorists complete their journeys without incident. Unfortunately, it doesn't always end that way. As a recent accident shows, the negligence of a driver can cause tragedy in just an instant.

One killed, two injured in Berks County truck accident

In previous posts here, we have discussed the reasons why truck accidents can be so problematic. It's a matter of physics: A more massive object like a semi-trailer truck can easily destroy smaller objects in its path. This is why it's so important for semi-trailers to be driven by well-trained, unimpaired drivers who are paying attention to the road. The consequences can be simply appalling if this isn't the case. A tragic multi-vehicle crash here in Berks County brings home the importance of safe truck operation.

Are distracted doctors a menace to patient safety?

Although it seems to be more and more acceptable for cashiers and retail workers to be on their cell phones on the job, you may be among those who still feel it is inappropriate or rude, especially if you are at the counter trying to get a texting worker's attention. On the other hand, you may feel it's perfectly fine for people to text or scroll through Facebook on their phones while on the clock, as long as they aren't bus drivers or truckers.

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