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Examine possible wrongful death claims in the New Year

The calendar year is almost over and soon Pennsylvania residents will begin preparing to celebrate the incoming of 2018. While most will ring in the New Year with people that they love, some will quietly suffer the losses of loved ones that they endured over the course of 2017. While death is a natural part of life for all individuals, accidental and wrongful deaths are especially hard for survivors to cope with.

A surgical mistake is a serious medical issue

Each year many Pennsylvanians go into the hospital for elective and medically necessary surgical procedures. Surgeries are invasive treatments that allow doctors to access their clients' bodies and remove or repair problems that cause ailments in those that they treat. While many surgical procedures are successful and leave patients better off than they were prior to their procedures, others suffer serious complications as a result of surgical mistakes.

Liability for a fatal workplace accident in Pennsylvania

When a loved one in Pennsylvania is the victim of a fatal workplace accident, it is usually possible to file a workers' compensation claim. Is also possible to recover damages from other parties? Sometimes it is. This blog post will describe certain kinds of construction injuries and whether parties other than the employer may be liable.

What if a car accident insurance claim is denied?

Let's say a person in Berks County gets into a car accident and they believe it was the other party's fault. The person should make a claim with the other driver's insurance company. Often, the insurer will approve the claim and pay the person. But what if the insurance company denies the claim? This blog post will describe this situation in a little more detail.

A reckless driver could be liable for the injuries they cause

All Berks County drivers have a legal duty to keep a proper lookout while driving and to take other reasonable steps to drive safely. When a driver breaches this duty, and another party suffers injury, the driver may be liable to the injured party. The driver may have to provide compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses.

How do you prove liability for a nursing home injury?

When adult children become overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for an older parent or other relative, the decision may be made to move the elder into a nursing home. By doing so, most people are doing what they think is best for their loved one. But what if the relative becomes a victim of a nursing home injury?

We help Pennsylvanians with premises liability cases

As the holiday season gets under full swing, many people in Pennsylvania will find themselves on other people's property for parties and festivities. These hosts may have an obligation to provide a reasonably safe space for their guests. One factor that can make a space unsafe is an aggressive dog.

Pennsylvania bicyclist killed in truck accident

Riding a bicycle can be a great way to get around and it can be great cardiovascular exercise for Berks County residents. It is environmentally friendly and it can be a good way to avoid paying for gasoline and car repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, there are some real-world dangers associated with bicycle riding. One Pennsylvania bicyclist fell victim to these dangers.

How could no informed consent be medical professional negligence?

These days, patients in Pennsylvania expect their doctors to provide them with information regarding surgical procedures, medical procedures, or courses of treatment before performing them. Some procedures are risky, and many agree that patients should be apprised of the risks before consenting to a procedure. This blog post will discuss the harm that can arise from a lack of informed consent. It will also discuss the medical professional negligence that may exist when harm does arise.

Avoid a parking lot car accident this holiday season

The holiday season is here, and malls and stores will be buzzing with activity as Berks County shoppers tackle their gift lists. As motor vehicle activity increases in area parking lots, the danger to pedestrians can dramatically increase. It is important for everyone to keep a proper lookout while navigating busy parking lots.

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