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Brain injury leading cause of wrongful death in Pennsylvania

Data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has linked traumatic brain injury to nearly a third of all deaths that occur from injuries. Thus workplace injuries, car accidents, or even intentional assaults that result in death often involve a brain injury. While its true that not all brain injuries are immediately fatal, even a mild TBI can be dangerous. In cases where an injury like a concussion goes undetected for a period of time, a secondary head trauma could have life-threatening consequences.

What happens when a doctor gets it wrong?

Patients inherently trust their doctors and other health care professionals. They are highly trained and most do important life-saving or life-improving work. But health care professionals are only human, and sometimes they make mistakes. In some cases the mistakes may be justifiable, but in other instances a mistake may be little more than negligence, which could give rise to a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania.

Semi-trucks and winter road conditions can spell disaster

Pennsylvania is a crossroads for interstate truck traffic. Big rigs heading west or south from the big cities of the Northeast - or driving toward them - most often must pass through Pennsylvania. And every year, the Keystone State sees several deadly truck accidents on its highways and interstates. These accidents can be particularly dangerous when winter weather conditions make driving treacherous for all, but especially for bigger trucks that require greater stopping distances.

Text ban does not prevent distract driving

Pennsylvania has laws in place that makes texting and certain other activities illegal. However, not all distracting driving involves an electronic device. What this means for drivers in the Keystone State is that law enforcement officers may be able to crack down on those using electronic devices behind the wheel - to the extent that they are able - they can do little to protect motorists from other kinds of distracted driving.

What is the limitations period in medical wrongful death cases?

A limitations period is the amount of time a party has to file a lawsuit. The limitations period for any given type of suit is laid out in a law that is typically referred to as a "statute of limitations." In Pennsylvania, if a person dies as a result of medical negligence, their loved ones can initiate a suit against the negligent health care provider. However, they must do so within two years.

Two killed, 3 injured in workplace accident

When a worker is killed on the job, very often the worker's family will be eligible for workers' compensation death benefits. Depending on the circumstances, family members may also be able to file a claim against certain non-employer parties. This situation may exist at the site of a Pennsylvania crane accident where two men were killed on February 2.

What damages might be awarded for auto accident injuries?

Once it is determined that one party is liable to another party in connection with an auto accident, the liable party will probably have to pay the other party for the damages suffered. What exactly does this mean? What can a car accident victim collect damages for? This blog post will provide some additional information on this topic. We will discuss three commonly awarded kinds of damages; there may be others as well, and Berks County victims are encouraged to seek legal advice for more information pertinent to their situation.

Store owners and premises liability in Pennsylvania

Whenever anyone, such as a store owner, opens their property to the public, there is a possibility that someone may be injured on the property. Pennsylvania store owners and brick-and-mortar retailers have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe for the public. If they breach this duty, and a customer is injured as a result, the store owner or operator may be liable to the injured customer.

Pennsylvania premises liability: Understanding 'duty of care'

Business and private property owners in Pennsylvania are legally bound to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. This is called 'duty of care', meaning that property owners take steps to protect visitors from dangers or injuries. A property owner may be negligent if they don't follow through with the appropriate level of care, and their negligence results in an injury.

Could a defective hip implant give rise to medical malpractice?

Many Berks County residents have benefited from hip replacement surgery. Countless people have regained mobility after having the relatively simple surgery performed. As with all surgical procedures, however, sometimes things can go wrong. A surgical error is one thing that could potentially be harmful. This blog post will focus on another thing that could go wrong: a defective hip implant.

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