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Doctor performance reviews and medical malpractice cases

Many Berks County folks are probably all too familiar with the performance review process, where their bosses describe their performance for the year and provide feedback and numerical ratings about how they did their jobs. Did you know that a lot of doctors have performance reviews as well? A recent case at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt with the confidentiality of this information and whether plaintiffs can access it to aid their medical malpractice cases.

What lights must trucks have in Pennsylvania?

Given how massive they are, trucks need to be well-lighted when moving on Pennsylvania's highways and byways. The Keystone State has a number of rules governing the illumination trucks need to have when on the roads. If a truck lacks the proper lighting, the truck driver, truck owner and truck company can get into trouble. It may be useful to have a brief overview of the lighting requirements for trucks in Pennsylvania.

DOT-recordable accidents and how they can hurt a truck company

When a driver in Pennsylvania gets a speeding ticket or other moving violation, often they will be fined and have points added to their license. If they get too many points, their license may be suspended. Did you know that a similar system exists for trucking companies? This blog post will describe in a little more detail the system the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses to track this information.

Can a drowning give rise to a wrongful death claim?

It's spring in Berks County, and everyone knows that warm weather is right around the corner. As things start to heat up, people will be spending more and more time at pools and beaches. Unfortunately, whenever people spend time near water, drowning is a possibility. Whenever a drowning can be attributed to the negligence of another party, that party may face a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of the victim.

What are bedsores and can they constitute medical malpractice?

Cases of medical malpractice can often arise when patients at a hospital suffer injury during their time there. Most patients assume that they will arrive with a bad medical condition at a Pennsylvania hospital where they will be treated and released in better shape than when they entered. Sometimes this doesn't happen, however. This blog post will discuss one medical condition that may be contracted due to hospital negligence. That medical condition is bedsores.

After car accidents, autonomous car testing suspended

Uber has suspended the testing of autonomous vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania. While the technology may ultimately make roads safer, two recent, high-profile car accidents have shown that such vehicles may not be ready for travel on public streets and highways. State governments and the companies who built the vehicles appear to concur, as they've been pulled off the roads.

Wrongful death, criminal charges in tragic waterpark accident

Pennsylvania is home to many waterparks, large and small, indoors and outdoors. They must compete with other parks in the state, and the largest ones must compete on a nationwide basis. In the drive to attract more customers and remain competitive in the marketplace, waterparks design and build taller, longer and faster slides. Sometimes in the fervor to be the first, the tallest or the fastest, designers and parks cut corners and ignore the potential dangers their designs pose to the customers they're trying to attract.

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