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Medical malpractice the answer for injuries caused by negligence

Medical professionals are expected to perform at a high level - as professionals as one would think. However, sometimes care from a hospital, doctor's visit or rehabilitation center just to name a few, isn't to the level one should expect to receive. If inadequate diagnosis, treatment, prescription or just overall level of care and it causes a person to suffer from further, or unnecessary injury, read on. There is a way to recover when a medical professional, facility or related medical third party causes harm due to negligence.

Tractor-trailer loses control, lost cargo injures 5 in mini-van

When it comes to commercial trucks, they could be carrying just about any type of load you can imaging. Fossil fuels, food, animals, rocks and even construction equipment get hauled by truckers across the state and across the country every single day. Since these loads can be hazardous, truck drivers, companies and the third-parties being hauled by the company are required to be extra cautious. While it's possible care was taken, a tractor-trailer lost control in a neighboring town to Berks and it injured 5 in a family vehicle.

Truck drivers are required to inspect trucks each trip

There are many trucks that travel on Pennsylvania roads each day. These trucks play a vital role in commerce by transporting various products long distances to connect sellers and buyers. In addition to this, the truck drivers make their living driving these trucks so they can provide for themselves and their families. However, these trucks can also pose a significant threat to the other drivers on the road if they are not driven safely or if they are not working properly.

Who is able to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

One unfortunate fact of life in Pennsylvania is that no one lives forever. Everyone will pass away at some point in time. The hope is obviously that people are able to live long, full lives and simply pass away in their sleep of old age. While many do pass away in this fashion, many others are not as lucky. There are many people who die relatively young due to an illness or disease or are the victims of fatal accidents. These unexpected deaths can be extremely devastating for the family and friends of the victims.

Hazardous conditions on stairs can lead to injuries and liability

Many people in Berks County use stairs daily without giving it a second thought. Stairs can be a fast way to get from one floor to another, and using them can help people get in shape. The convenience of stairs can quickly turn into a nightmare, however, if a user slips and falls while using the stairs.

Federal rules on drug testing that apply to Pennsylvania truckers

It's obvious why truck drivers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they are operating commercial vehicles. A drunk truck driver, or one under the influence of another drug, could cause terrible damage on the roads. Did you know that truck drivers are subject to drug and alcohol testing according to the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation? This blog post will describe this requirement in a little more detail.

Do you suspect your child suffered a birth injury?

If your child shows signs of a possible birth injury, you will likely have many concerns about his or her future and questions about your legal rights. Although birth injuries are almost entirely preventable, many parents in Pennsylvania have sued doctors and other health care providers for negligence at the time of their children's birth. If you can establish medical negligence, you might be able to recover past and future losses, which might be crucial if the birth injury caused permanent damage. Improper care during birth is inexcusable, and neither your child nor you should have to cope with the life-long consequences of a medical professional or hospital's negligence that caused a birth injury. Too many children suffer preventable injuries during the first moments of coming into the world.

One killed in Berks County motorcycle crash on June 25

Two important rules of the road are obeying traffic signals and watching for motorcycles. Respecting these two rules makes the road safer for everyone. When either or both of these rules are violated, the chances go up that a crash with catastrophic injuries will happen. According to Pennsylvania State Police, an accident involving a traffic signal and a motorcyclist left one man dead on June 25 in Berks County.

In wrongful death cases, we focus on the details

It's one thing when a loved one dies after being hospitalized or treated by a doctor. That happens all the time, unfortunately. It's another thing altogether when the death is suspected to have been caused by the hospital or the doctor. If a patient is injured due to the negligence of a hospital or doctor, the patient may have a medical malpractice claim. If the patient dies, the family may have a wrongful death claim.

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