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Pennsylvania DUI crashes spike with St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day, like other holidays on which celebrants typically drink, is notorious for causing an increase in the number of alcohol-related crashes in Pennsylvania. Drunk driving car accidents are usually considerably more serious than a run-of-the-mill accident because impaired drivers suffer from poor reaction times and slowed cognitive functions. For victims of such drivers, the results can be devastating.

Medical marijuana may be legal but drugged driving is not

Impaired driving, whether it's alcohol or drugs, is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, as well as traffic injuries and fatalities. With the advent of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania - the state's first dispensaries are slated to open this year - it is expected that more people than ever will be driving under the influence of a substance. Although medical marijuana is illegal, it is still illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana in the Keystone state, and a drugged driver may be on the hook for any car accident they cause.

Text ban does not prevent distract driving

Pennsylvania has laws in place that makes texting and certain other activities illegal. However, not all distracting driving involves an electronic device. What this means for drivers in the Keystone State is that law enforcement officers may be able to crack down on those using electronic devices behind the wheel - to the extent that they are able - they can do little to protect motorists from other kinds of distracted driving.

What damages might be awarded for auto accident injuries?

Once it is determined that one party is liable to another party in connection with an auto accident, the liable party will probably have to pay the other party for the damages suffered. What exactly does this mean? What can a car accident victim collect damages for? This blog post will provide some additional information on this topic. We will discuss three commonly awarded kinds of damages; there may be others as well, and Berks County victims are encouraged to seek legal advice for more information pertinent to their situation.

One killed in hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run car accidents are dangerous incidents in which the parties that caused the collisions leave the scenes without stopping to assess the damage that they have caused or to render aid to anyone who may have been harmed by the actions. They can happen between vehicles as well as between vehicles and bicycles or vehicles and pedestrians. A recent Pennsylvania hit-and-run accident had a tragic ending when the responsible driver fled and the victim died.

Settlement is a possible outcome of a vehicle accident case

A car accident can change the whole course of a Pennsylvania resident's life. They may leave their house in the morning, prepared to drive their regular commute to work and before lunch find themselves in the hospital with serious injuries and multitude of medical costs. Vehicle accident victims and victims of other personal injury claims often consult with attorneys to learn about their rights to sue when others cause them to suffer losses and harm.

What if a car accident insurance claim is denied?

Let's say a person in Berks County gets into a car accident and they believe it was the other party's fault. The person should make a claim with the other driver's insurance company. Often, the insurer will approve the claim and pay the person. But what if the insurance company denies the claim? This blog post will describe this situation in a little more detail.

Avoid a parking lot car accident this holiday season

The holiday season is here, and malls and stores will be buzzing with activity as Berks County shoppers tackle their gift lists. As motor vehicle activity increases in area parking lots, the danger to pedestrians can dramatically increase. It is important for everyone to keep a proper lookout while navigating busy parking lots.

Liability for damages from hit-and-run accidents

Motorists in Berks County who negligently injure others may be required to pay compensation to their victims. Negligence may be found when a defendant breaches a duty he or she owed to the victim. There are a number of bad acts that could be determined to breach a duty to a victim. One of these is the act of improperly leaving the scene of a car accident. This is often called a hit and run.

What to do right after a car accident

A car accident can be a very confusing, even traumatic experience for a Berks County resident. Even if a person hasn't suffered any obvious injuries, it can be hard to deal with. And if a person has been injured, it is that much more challenging. How does one help the injured while taking care of oneself and fulfilling one's legal responsibilities? This blog post will discuss this in a little more detail.

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