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Medical Malpractice Archives

Do you suspect your child suffered a birth injury?

If your child shows signs of a possible birth injury, you will likely have many concerns about his or her future and questions about your legal rights. Although birth injuries are almost entirely preventable, many parents in Pennsylvania have sued doctors and other health care providers for negligence at the time of their children's birth. If you can establish medical negligence, you might be able to recover past and future losses, which might be crucial if the birth injury caused permanent damage. Improper care during birth is inexcusable, and neither your child nor you should have to cope with the life-long consequences of a medical professional or hospital's negligence that caused a birth injury. Too many children suffer preventable injuries during the first moments of coming into the world.

What resources are available to victims of medical malpractice?

Being able to trust in the medical care you receive is important for any patient and patients should be able to trust in the medical care and treatment they receive. When a medical professional has violated their duty of care to a patient, they may be liable for medical malpractice. A medical malpractice claim can help victims and their families recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional harm suffered as a result.

Who might be liable in a medical malpractice case?

When a negligent act happens to a Berks County patient seeking health care services, often that patient will be able to recover damages for medical malpractice. Obviously, the patient or the patient's family would be the plaintiff in this kind of case. But who would be the defendant? Under the law of medical malpractice, there are a number of parties who could be liable. The question of exactly who is liable depends on the specific facts of a particular case.

Doctor performance reviews and medical malpractice cases

Many Berks County folks are probably all too familiar with the performance review process, where their bosses describe their performance for the year and provide feedback and numerical ratings about how they did their jobs. Did you know that a lot of doctors have performance reviews as well? A recent case at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt with the confidentiality of this information and whether plaintiffs can access it to aid their medical malpractice cases.

What are bedsores and can they constitute medical malpractice?

Cases of medical malpractice can often arise when patients at a hospital suffer injury during their time there. Most patients assume that they will arrive with a bad medical condition at a Pennsylvania hospital where they will be treated and released in better shape than when they entered. Sometimes this doesn't happen, however. This blog post will discuss one medical condition that may be contracted due to hospital negligence. That medical condition is bedsores.

$47 million verdict is Pennsylvania medical malpractice record

When a Pennsylvania patient puts their trust in the skills of medical professional, particularly if it is a family who is relying on the professional to care for their child, they expect the utmost care and professionalism. Because of these expectations, a medical professional's failure can be devastating - particularly because their acts or omissions can have lifelong consequences. In what appears to be a record verdict in a federal medical malpractice case, a Pennsylvania jury let their sentiments be known in case involving an infant.

Big verdict in Pennsylvania failure to diagnose case

One of the more common types of medical malpractice claims in Pennsylvania is failure to diagnose an illness or disorder. When a medical professional overlooks symptoms or makes an error in reading the results of a test, the consequences for a patient can be dire. If the disease or malady is progressive, the medical error can sometimes be fatal. Even if the patient ultimately survives, their quality of life can be forever affected by the medical malpractice that resulted in the failure to diagnose.

Preventable birth complications and maternal morbidity rising

Pregnancy is a time of expectant joy for parents. The impending birth of the child brings about a flurry of excitement and checklists as the due date nears. But for an increasing number of women, pregnancy and childbirth have devastating consequences. Roughly 50,000 women a year suffer life-threatening complications and several hundred die from pregnancy and childbirth in the U.S. annually. 

What happens when a doctor gets it wrong?

Patients inherently trust their doctors and other health care professionals. They are highly trained and most do important life-saving or life-improving work. But health care professionals are only human, and sometimes they make mistakes. In some cases the mistakes may be justifiable, but in other instances a mistake may be little more than negligence, which could give rise to a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania.

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