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Don't let your motorcycle ride take you straight to the hospital

Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than other modes of transportation, and taking them out on the open Pennsylvania roads on bright summer days is exhilarating. However, disregarding the dangers they pose can have devastating consequences. If you are an experienced motorcyclist, you will know that operating a bike requires more coordination and skill than driving a car. Unfortunately, not all motorists are considerate when they have to share the highways with bikers.

Case links person who sent message to distracted driver lawsuit

Those in Berks and throughout Pennsylvania who spend any time on the road as a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian will know that there are others on the road who do not pay strict attention to what they are doing. The phenomenon of being a distracted driver was once limited to certain activities such as changing a radio station, eating or talking to a passenger. In today's world, with smartphones and the ability to multitask, there are an endless number of ways to be distracted. This is causing a great number of accidents. Seeking compensation after an accident due to a distracted driver is common. However, the circumstances under which this takes place are constantly changing. A new case exemplifies that.

Move forward when a motorcycle accident causes injuries

Over the summer many people across the state of Pennsylvania enjoyed riding around on their motorcycles. The summer weather provides the perfect opportunity for getting on the open road and seeing the state. There are so many advantages for people who choose to ride motorcycles, that it is easy to see the appeal. They are cheaper to operate and can be very fun.

Winter motorcycle riding

For many Pennsylvania residents, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. As children head back to school and people wind down their vacations, the cool weather starts moving in. While winter may still be a few months away, many motorcyclists are continuing to enjoy the state's lovely roadways. In fact, motorcycle traffic may even increase as the beautiful fall colors appear. Before people know it, snowflakes will be flying.

What is a spinal cord injury?

There are many devastating injuries that people can suffer in an accident. Motorcycle accidents, in particular, can cause very serious injuries. Motorcycles do not have the types of protection that other larger vehicles have, and therefore riders are exposed to greater risk. One of these risks is the risk of a spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury can affect the rest of a Pennsylvanian's life if it is severe enough. But, what exactly is a spinal cord injury?

3 killed in Pennsylvania motorcycle accident

The summertime brings many different types vehicles to Pennsylvania. Each of these vehicles has the right to use the roadways safely. This includes motorcycles, cars, trucks, passenger vans, commercial busses and more. Each of these different types of vehicles poses its own safety hazards to others on the roadway. They also each face their own unique risks when travelling.

Examining types of head injuries

As warmer weather moves in many people in Pennsylvania are choosing to ride a motorcycle. These smaller vehicles can be easy on the budget and fun to ride. Whatever reason people choose to ride these vehicles, they should be safe from other negligent drivers. However, they often aren't. Negligent drivers often fail to notice motorcyclists on the roadways and cause serious motorcycle accidents. 

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Pennsylvania crash

The weather in Pennsylvania is getting warmer every day. As summer approaches, motorcycles are reappearing on Pennsylvania roadways. As motorcycles become more prominent on local streets and highways, drivers need to adjust their driving to account for the smaller vehicles. An accident involving a motorcycle can lead to serious injuries to those on the bike.

Motorcycle injuries can be costly, seek compensation

For some Pennsylvania residents, one of the appeals of a motorcycle, is its low maintenance costs. Motorcycles are typically less expensive to purchase and to ride than cars and trucks. Additionally, they have much higher gas mileage, so fuel prices are also lowered. However, these low costs come at the risk of a motorcycle accident.

Pennsylvania motorcyclists face financial issues after accident

Motorcycles give Pennsylvania residents the freedom to see the state in an exciting way. Motorcyclists enjoy the thrill of the open road and the freedom that motorcycles provide. However, these benefits do not come without a cost. Motorcyclists are susceptible to serious injuries in an accident.

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