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PA business owners are responsible for safety on their property

When a person enters a person's property or premises, they have the right to believe that the area is safe. This is because of the basic duty of care we all are expected to uphold in terms of ourselves and one another. When a person owns a property or premises in which the public will enter, the area is expected to be safe. When it isn't and it is believed to have caused a person injury, one may seek damages under premises liability.

Requirements for fencing around swimming pools

The summer months in Pennsylvania can get very hot and people find different ways to keep cool. One way is to sit inside in air conditioning, but people can only stay inside for so long. So, one popular way to stay cool and be outside is to go to swimming pools. They can provide hours of fun for both children and adults, but they can also be dangerous especially for children who do not know how to swim. They can suffer severe injuries or even die if they get into a pool without proper supervision.

Hazardous conditions on stairs can lead to injuries and liability

Many people in Berks County use stairs daily without giving it a second thought. Stairs can be a fast way to get from one floor to another, and using them can help people get in shape. The convenience of stairs can quickly turn into a nightmare, however, if a user slips and falls while using the stairs.

Legal protections are available to victims of slip-and-falls

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious harm to unsuspecting victims, leaving them feeling like they are facing medical bills that are piling up, and an inability to work as a result of their injuries, all on their own. Fortunately, an area of the law known as premises liability protects victims who have suffered harm in a slip-and-fall accident.

How liability is decided for injuries from steps and stairways

A minor slip or trip on a stair or step could lead to a major injury if you're not careful. Unfortunately, not every building structure is maintained properly. This could lead to a premise liability lawsuit, where a building owner is legally accountable for your injuries. However, this process first involves proving negligence and fault.

Winter conditions in Pennsylvania mean more slips, falls

When the weather turns nasty, blowing snow, sleet freezing rain across the Keystone State, the chances of slipping or tripping and being injured in the resulting fall increase significantly. If you are walking out in the weather, like the nor'easters that smacked Pennsylvania this winter, there is not much that can be done. However, if someone has created a hazardous condition by failing to clean up after a storm hits, and you slip and hurt yourself in a fall, you may have recourse for your injuries.

Store owners and premises liability in Pennsylvania

Whenever anyone, such as a store owner, opens their property to the public, there is a possibility that someone may be injured on the property. Pennsylvania store owners and brick-and-mortar retailers have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe for the public. If they breach this duty, and a customer is injured as a result, the store owner or operator may be liable to the injured customer.

Pennsylvania premises liability: Understanding 'duty of care'

Business and private property owners in Pennsylvania are legally bound to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. This is called 'duty of care', meaning that property owners take steps to protect visitors from dangers or injuries. A property owner may be negligent if they don't follow through with the appropriate level of care, and their negligence results in an injury.

Icy sidewalks may be a dangerous property condition

It's winter in Pennsylvania, and that means snowfall is likely from now until springtime. Although snow can be fun for skiers and sledders, it can also be dangerous to driving or traveling on foot. State and local governments often handle the clearing of snow from public roads, but property owners may be responsible for removing snow from public sidewalks on their property.

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