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Don't let a negligent property owner's insurer push you around

Earlier, we examined an accident case from a neighboring state. The victim was walking outside of a commercial building when he fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered serious brain injuries. He was eventually provided with $750,000 in compensation as part of a settlement.

Victim gets $750,000 in settlement of premises liability suit

As the leaves change and the nights grow longer and cooler in Berks County, residents are beginning to prepare for the winter months. While many look forward to the holidays and winter sports, shoveling snow is something grudgingly accepted as a responsibility. But make no mistake, a responsibility it is -- especially for commercial property owners who need to keep their sidewalks and parking lots safe for their customers and other passersby.

Recovering damages after a dog bite attack

Even though dogs are out best friend, it doesn't mean that all of them act that way all the time. All it takes is one bad encounter with an aggressive dog to put someone in a serious situation. Injuries from dog bites can range from minor to severe, but one thing is certain - you should receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Injured guests may seek recovery for a hotel's premises liability

Many folks from Berks County have checked into a hotel for stays of one evening or longer. At the end of their stay, they check out and think no more about it. Sometimes, however, people suffer injury on a hotel's property. Can these guests sue the hotel for the damages they suffered? It all depends on the specific circumstances, but sometimes guests can recover from hotels for premises liability.

What is the rule for the premises liability for local government?

"Premises liability" is the law that applies to cases in which a person sues another party due to an injury suffered on the other party's property. These cases are sometimes called "slip-and-fall cases," because dangerous conditions on another party's property often result in injuries when the injured party falls due to the dangerous condition.

Man says he suffered injuries after falling on church property

According to one man, his recent experience at a Pennsylvania church was anything but peaceful. His bad experience was the basis of a premises liability lawsuit that he filed against the diocese in which the church was located.

Damages may be obtainable after slip-and-fall accidents

Many personal injury cases stem from car and truck accidents. Given the speed and mass of the average vehicle, this is not surprising. Although car accidents are a steady source of personal injuries in Berks County, another source are so-called slip-and-fall accidents.

Hazardous conditions on property could lead to premises liability

Whenever someone visits the property of another person in Berks County and suffers an injury due to a dangerous condition on the property, the owner or tenant of the property could be liable to the injured party under the law of premises liability. There are often dangerous conditions on people's property. How is liability determined? Must a property owner or tenant eliminate all hazardous conditions to avoid being held liable in a court of law?

Understanding Pennsylvania's statutes of limitation and repose

Most Pennsylvanians understand that lawsuits must be brought by certain deadlines. In most cases, such as automobile accidents, the deadline is provided by the state's statute of limitation. But in cases involving liability for a defect in a building or other improvement to real property, known as premises liability claims, another deadline is imposed by the statute of repose.

How our office helps people with premises liability claims

A previous post on this blog gave an overview of how premises liability works in Pennsylvania. Basically, landowners have an obligation to keep those who come on to their land, whether for business or personal purposes, reasonably safe. When a landowner fails to do so, Berks County residents who get injured as a result have the right to pursue compensation from the landowner.

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