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Truck Accidents Archives

Big rigs create big headache in pileup

Pennsylvania is a major crossroads for semi-truck traffic on the Eastern Seaboard. The big rigs ply the state's highway, Turnpike and interstate highways, 24 hours a day throughout the year. Unfortunately, when hazardous circumstances - such as foul weather, faulty maintenance or a fatigued driver - intervene, these behemoths become bad news for other motorists.

Semi-trucks and winter road conditions can spell disaster

Pennsylvania is a crossroads for interstate truck traffic. Big rigs heading west or south from the big cities of the Northeast - or driving toward them - most often must pass through Pennsylvania. And every year, the Keystone State sees several deadly truck accidents on its highways and interstates. These accidents can be particularly dangerous when winter weather conditions make driving treacherous for all, but especially for bigger trucks that require greater stopping distances.

Three injured in Berks County tractor-trailer crash on I-78

Everyone knows - or at least should know - that drivers should adjust their driving to drive safely in adverse weather conditions. This is true for the drivers of cars, and it is especially true for truck drivers, who have a greater responsibility due to the greater size and mass of their vehicles. Most truck drivers are very aware of this and exercise safe driving during winter weather events. Negligence and accidents still happen, however, as a recent trucking accident in Berks County may illustrate.

How might other drivers avoid a trucking accident?

Right now, large, heavy vehicles are plying Pennsylvania's highways. These semitrailer trucks are almost always driven by trained professionals who know what they are doing. Still, truck accidents do happen. It is important to drive safely on the streets, roads and highways of the Keystone State. By taking some simple precautions, drivers can reduce the chances of an accident with a truck.

Pennsylvania bicyclist killed in truck accident

Riding a bicycle can be a great way to get around and it can be great cardiovascular exercise for Berks County residents. It is environmentally friendly and it can be a good way to avoid paying for gasoline and car repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, there are some real-world dangers associated with bicycle riding. One Pennsylvania bicyclist fell victim to these dangers.

Who bears liability after a truck accident?

Earlier on our Berks County legal blog, we summarized the events surrounding a recent multi-vehicle crash in which a Pennsylvania woman lost her life. One of the vehicles -- the one that hit her car from behind -- was a dump truck, or in other words, a commercial vehicle.

Dump truck accident claims life of Pennsylvania woman

It was recently reported that a Pennsylvania woman was among two victims of a fatal multi-vehicle crash involving a dump truck in a nearby state. We'll take a look this week on our Berks County legal blog at what happened, and what our readers should understand about the legal implications of a truck accident like this.

One killed, two injured in Berks County truck accident

In previous posts here, we have discussed the reasons why truck accidents can be so problematic. It's a matter of physics: A more massive object like a semi-trailer truck can easily destroy smaller objects in its path. This is why it's so important for semi-trailers to be driven by well-trained, unimpaired drivers who are paying attention to the road. The consequences can be simply appalling if this isn't the case. A tragic multi-vehicle crash here in Berks County brings home the importance of safe truck operation.

What is an ECM and how can it help prove truck driver fatigue?

Not everyone in Berks County probably knows that many of the semi-trucks on the roads today carry a device that records data about the operation of the truck. These devices are called Electronic Control Modules, and they have been a feature of most trucks manufactured since the 1990s. They are similar in operation to flight data recorders on airplanes. ECMs record data such as overall average speed, highest speed, time driven, average revolutions per minute, amount of time driving above 65 miles per hour, idling time and seat belt usage.

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