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Truck accidents due to truck driver negligence can happen

Commercial trucks are everywhere on Berks roads. They have a job to do and they do it, hauling stuff from place to place. The question is whether or not a truck driver is able to do their job well. An inability to do their job could result in serious injuries or death for others on the road.

Tractor-trailer loses control, lost cargo injures 5 in mini-van

When it comes to commercial trucks, they could be carrying just about any type of load you can imaging. Fossil fuels, food, animals, rocks and even construction equipment get hauled by truckers across the state and across the country every single day. Since these loads can be hazardous, truck drivers, companies and the third-parties being hauled by the company are required to be extra cautious. While it's possible care was taken, a tractor-trailer lost control in a neighboring town to Berks and it injured 5 in a family vehicle.

Truck drivers are required to inspect trucks each trip

There are many trucks that travel on Pennsylvania roads each day. These trucks play a vital role in commerce by transporting various products long distances to connect sellers and buyers. In addition to this, the truck drivers make their living driving these trucks so they can provide for themselves and their families. However, these trucks can also pose a significant threat to the other drivers on the road if they are not driven safely or if they are not working properly.

Federal rules on drug testing that apply to Pennsylvania truckers

It's obvious why truck drivers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they are operating commercial vehicles. A drunk truck driver, or one under the influence of another drug, could cause terrible damage on the roads. Did you know that truck drivers are subject to drug and alcohol testing according to the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation? This blog post will describe this requirement in a little more detail.

Truck driver charged in fatal Pennsylvania truck accident

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of truck accidents and the impact they can have on victims. Unfortunately, they can result in death as well as life-long injuries and a lifetime impact. A truck driver was recently charged with felony homicide by a vehicle in relation to a Pennsylvania truck accident that killed one man and left another victim still struggling to recover from her injuries suffered in the accident.

Help for truck accident victims and their families

Truck accidents can cause serious harm to victims throughout Pennsylvania. Truck accident victims can be left paying the high cost another party's negligence such as a negligent truck driver or trucking company. Victims of truck accidents may find they need help with the unexpected damages that result from a truck accident and the legal process provides options to help them do that.

Maximum tractor-trailer lengths and widths

Have you ever noticed that tractor-trailers all seem to have standard widths and trailer lengths? Tractor-trailers that operate in Pennsylvania must conform to the federal government's size regulations. The federal government regulates the width of tractor-trailers, and it also regulates the length of their trailers. This blog post will provide a brief review of these regulations.

What lights must trucks have in Pennsylvania?

Given how massive they are, trucks need to be well-lighted when moving on Pennsylvania's highways and byways. The Keystone State has a number of rules governing the illumination trucks need to have when on the roads. If a truck lacks the proper lighting, the truck driver, truck owner and truck company can get into trouble. It may be useful to have a brief overview of the lighting requirements for trucks in Pennsylvania.

DOT-recordable accidents and how they can hurt a truck company

When a driver in Pennsylvania gets a speeding ticket or other moving violation, often they will be fined and have points added to their license. If they get too many points, their license may be suspended. Did you know that a similar system exists for trucking companies? This blog post will describe in a little more detail the system the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses to track this information.

Big rigs create big headache in pileup

Pennsylvania is a major crossroads for semi-truck traffic on the Eastern Seaboard. The big rigs ply the state's highway, Turnpike and interstate highways, 24 hours a day throughout the year. Unfortunately, when hazardous circumstances - such as foul weather, faulty maintenance or a fatigued driver - intervene, these behemoths become bad news for other motorists.

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